The Refinery

You don’t need help building a business…you need help making the one you have WORK!

When you started a business you thought that the hardest part would be setting it up. Well now you are all set up, but the clients aren’t exactly rolling in and you can’t wait to feel like your biz more than a “hobby”.

In fact when you are completely honest with yourself, you know that you aren’t doing the best job conveying what you do, who you do it for, and how exactly you are going to meet your income goals.

How is this package
different from others?

This 3 Month-long package is designed to TRANSFORM your business.  I’m not here to “change” you or what you have created; I’m here to help you REFINE so that the best parts are uncovered and spiffied up.

We will let go of the “weak links” and create solid foundations.  You might get sick of hearing about “solid business foundations,” but too bad! They are talked about for a reason … without them, profiting from your skills is 10 times harder (and who really likes harder?).

This package isn’t about shoving my “systems for success” down your throat or helping you succeed through mystical magic.  It’s about taking what you have and making it BETTER so that people buy.

Still Interested? Here is what to expect:

This 3 Month-long package is a bullshit-free blend of support, creative strategy, and accountability.  After our 3 months together, you will have a Revamped business ready for a slew of clients and steady profits.  Here’s the shakedown!

  1. Life/Biz Workup. Before we get you famous we need to make sure we have mapped out what EXACTLY you want your life and business to look like (then we can create it!)
  2. Who are YOU? Why should anyone work with you over your competition? I hate to break it to you, but most industries are BUSY and if we can’t figure out how to position you to make you shine, you won’t be seen at all (and that would be sad)! 
  3. Who are THEY? You thought you knew who you wanted to work with (until I got in your head and asked you to think a little harder…this week is illuminating).
  4. Packages, Relationship Funnel, and Profits. Whether you are drowning in too many ideas, or are totally underwhelmed with inspiration, we are going to nail down targeted offerings that your people want And that meet your income needs (yep, no more pulling your pricing out of a hat…this is business, not a magic show). 
  5. Copy is Your Bitch. Copywriting can be hard, but without out your clients will lose interest before they even know what you are all about. We will refine your About Page, HomePage, and Packages. You will have full access to my Idea to Empire templates and Recordings to make this week easier.
  6. Marketing! Now that you have something to show off that you are actually excited about, it’s time to market it! I will help you create a 6-month blended marketing plan that takes into account YOUR unique approach to gaining attraction and getting leads. This will most likely include online and offline techniques that play off your natural strengths.
  7. Bonus: Free access to my Idea to Empire Course! 

What’s Included?

bolt-bluePre-Session Questionnaire so that I can get to know all the little ins and outs of your biz, your struggles, and your grand empire dreams!

bolt-blue6- 60 Minute Intuitive Strategy Calls (2 each month) Where we review your progress, cover our new area of focus, and get you moving and grooving to your journey to your ext level. 

bolt-blueWeekly Homework customized to exactly where you are and what you need.


bolt-blueWeekly Email checkins because I’m invested in your success and I can’t “leave you hanging” between our calls.

bolt-blueInteractive Guidance if you re-write every piece of copy on your site (and you most likely WILL with this package), then I will be there by your side, reviewing and editing with you.  This package is HANDS ON SUPPORT!



(or 3 Monthly Payments of $500)

What’s The Payoff?

While this package isn’t focused on making you money THIS MINUTE, it IS focused on setting you up the smart way, so that after our time together you will FINALLY have a business that you feel confident marketing and your prospects feel confident investing in. I created this package because I see soooo many business owners who have started something, but never took the time and energy to really flush out the details. It’s like they began putting up the walls before the foundation was poured. It might look good for a minute, but it’s on the verge of collapse. And collapse is not what we are aiming for!

Is this right for me?

I work with bold souls with true entrepreneurial spirit! They value quality, insist on excellence, and can’t NOT share their gifts with the world. They are ready to create a successful business that provides them with the lifestyle and income they have been dreaming about.

Energized to Act?

I don’t blame you!  This type of support is quite literally priceless when transitioning your biz into an ELECTRIC Empire.  Because I provide soooo much support in this package, I can only take on 5 clients at a time.  If you’re ready for this truly life-changing and biz-booming opportunity, click “book session” below and you will be guided through the purchasing, agreement, and booking process. If you have any questions, please email me at


Lil’ Important Details

 Most importantly…be prepared for big clarity and a plan of action. Clients who work through this package with me see results! All sessions are done via phone in the U.S. or Skype if you live outside of Canada or the U.S. All sessions must be booked and used within 2 months of the first session.

Still “on the fence?”

See what others have to say about working with me:


Paige Wilhide

Digital Storyteller

“Before I started working with Anna, my business was a mish-mash of passions and fuzzy ideas. In true entrepreneurial fashion, I was optimistic and driven to start my business, but I just felt stuck. I had a job that I wanted to quit and a serious income goal.

Anna got me unstuck…and fast. Within the first month, I had incredible clarity about my business. Within three months, I had a real business and I started gaining respect in my industry. At four months, I’m just shy of reaching that big income goal, and I have successfully quit my other job to work full time for myself. I know I couldn’t have gotten this far this fast on my own. I get compliments all the time about how clear and smart my business concept is, and I have Anna to thank for that.

Just when you think she’s given you all the feedback and direction you need, she comes up with another brilliant idea to keep the inspiration flowing. I can’t say enough good things about her and what she’s done for me!


Sammy Zunnis


“From the moment I began working with Anna my life and business changed. Her bounty of creative ideas, her honest, direct and kind feedback, her commitment to making your business the best truest reflection of you and your mission…it’s unparalleled. And most importantly, her unwavering belief in you and your abilities acts as the loving kick-in-the-ass you’ve been waiting for.Since working with Anna, I have found my once-sleeping coaching practice infused with a renewed life force and purpose. I am now re-committed to my work, clear about what I do and excited for the present and future of my business. My ideas are flowing, my enthusiasm is reignited and I am deeply in love with my work.

If you want the best teammate around, do not wait – work with Anna! I’m grateful everyday that I did.


Stacey Jessop

Graphic Designer

“In 30 minutes Anna took my existing services and mapped out exactly how I can increase my revenue without adding to my workload. I now have the confidence to raise my prices and know exactly how to reach my yearly financial goals. Hire her – you’ll more than cover your investment.”


April Thompson


“A multi passionate freelancer, I’ve found success offering a range of services from writing to consulting. However, In order to take my business to the next level, it’s imperative that I focus and build a core set of profitable offerings and products that best leverages my skills and passion. The income mapping session with Anna was just what I needed to get clear and moving in the right direction.

Anna has a wealth of business experiences she brings to bare in each consult. In 1 session she was able to quickly understand my business and goals, recognize my hesitations and make concise suggestions for my direction and next steps. Anna also challenged and pushed me to think bigger and have more confidence in what I’m offering my clients. I sincerely appreciate her honest feedback and light, but straight forward approach. I’m busy pressing forward with my goals and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”



Darlene Sochin-Maras


“Before I started working with Anna I was pretty confused about who EXACTLY I wanted to serve and how to confidently convey what I did. During our time together I figured out how I was unique in the healing community, who my dream clients were, and how to describe my work. I had all the answers inside me, I simply needed an intuitive and intelligent business consultant to know the right questions to ask! Anna’s intuitive skills opened up my perspective, like a camera going from regular focus to panoramic view. In the beginning when I was scared and “failing” or falling, Anna had confidence in me and she held my hand patiently until I had the confidence to take the reins back.”


Kathya Bustamante


Coeur Strategies

“Anna is fast, intuitive, bold and hits the nail on the head every time. I’ve been fascinated with Anna since our first call. In just one hour, she was able to understand my vision, clarify my goals and provide a framework of steps to take specific to my needs. Until Anna came along, I was feeling stuck and disheartened. Now I can actually see where my business is heading and know exactly what I need to do.

I love working with Anna and look forward to our calls. Her fiery energy is contagious and she works at lightning speed always over-delivering on her promises.

She is results driven by nature and I would recommend her to anyone seeking to take their business to the next level. However, I wouldn’t wait too long to hire her. It’s instantly obvious she is a rising star in her field who will soon be difficult to reach.”


Deb Cooperman

Writing Coach

“Loved my Income Mapping Session with Anna. I’m this-close to going from doing my work as a side-hustle to full-out solopreneur, and while I’m super-excited, I’ve also been kinda unnerved: Which program or service makes more sense? What’s the best use of my time and energy? How can I leverage what works in my in-person and one-on-one work and translate it to something meaningful for folks in a virtual realm?

In a short period of time, Anna was able to pinpoint specific actions (a real map) to move me from point A to B and beyond. Now I know what to do first, and what to build on. I’m not feeling unnerved anymore; just excited. (yay!)”





“Working with Anna has made me so EXCITED about the future of my business! She helped me give up limiting beliefs about myself, recognize my unique business positioning in my community, and give me the words that would have taken me months to articulate! Thanks to our work together I quit doing things that didn’t serve me anymore, added a program built upon my strengths and financial goals, invited 5 women to participate in it (they ALL said YES!!) and I feel 100% confident talking about my business. I never felt this way before!Anna has a new business perspective that is refreshing and she gives me instant clarity about my questions while at the same time validating my curiosity as I build my business and learn to market myself. Everyone needs an ‘Anna’ in their corner!”


Nicole Liloia

Therapist & Coach

“I have had the opportunity to work with Anna a few times now, and I enjoy it every single time! She is so good at identifying strengths that you may not even know you had and helping you figure out how to use them so you can grow your business and have fun doing it. Thanks to her encouragement, within a week I had created my first audio blog and reached out to new contacts!”





“I came to Anna because even though I had a profitable business, I was working too hard for the money that was coming in. While working with Anna I reached my business income goals (double what they had been when we started together), have clients on a wait list to work with me, and am about to make a HUGE business leap into a new space that will allow me to grow even bigger! Anna was able to hone in on the important foundational components of my business that needed tweaking AS WELL AS help me get organized and create structure so that I could pull myself away from a lot of the “busy work” so that I could focus on my growth. Anna has been amazing to work with!”





“I have been working with Anna for the past 6 months and my business has experienced tremendous growth over that time. My income has tripled and become more stable and consistent, my average number of clients in a week has tripled, and I have launched a new 6 week class series that was sold out in the very first offering (and sold out again for the second series!). Anna has helped me figure out my specialized niche and who I really love working with and draw those clients to me.We have laid the foundation for what will continue to grow and flourish because I know clearly who my target market is and I know how to reach out and attract those clients!

Every month I see more growth and more progress in my business. In addition, Anna is a great sounding board for new ideas, helps me troubleshoot and brainstorm when I’m feeling stuck or running into obstacles, and is a great cheerleader and partner on my journey. I know that I couldn’t have made such growth and progress in the past 6 months without working with her and it is great not to feel alone in my business!”




The Sugarista

“Before I started working with Anna, my business felt like run away train. Things were growing quickly and I lacked the structure needed to support the expansion, so every day I felt like I was falling behind. When Anna came on the scene she immediately got up to speed and didn’t waste a second.Day one we were off and running and I’m pretty sure we busted through at least 5 projects I had been dreading for months. Tasks aside, Anna has also been an awesome resource for ideas on marketing, staffing and money management.

She’s highly intuitive, supportive and sharp as a tack when it comes to small business. I really appreciate how she has held me accountable and also given me the encouragement I need to keep improving the business. I’ve been able to make leaps and bounds in a really short time frame with her help. I’m sure I will work with her again!”





“When I went to Anna I knew I needed help getting clear with my business goals, my business image and figuring out what specific steps I needed to take to get there. Before our session together I was overwhelmed and didn’t have a plan of action. Anna helped me clarify my goals, listened to my struggles, and created a step-by-step 6 month plan to get me from where I was to where I wanted to be. After our session I instantly began attracting new clients (that were EXACTLY the people I wanted to attract) and my business began taking a new shape. It’s been over 6 months since the initial plan was created and my business is continuing to grow in very exciting ways (including the build-out of my new studio….which has been one of my dreams that I thought would take years to make happen!)

I would recommend Anna because she is passionate and engaging with her work and combines her business background and practical sense along with her creative and intuitive sense to meet clients where they are and facilitate moving forward.”




Website Superhero – for World-Changers

“I’ve been working with Anna for over 4 months now and in our time together I have revamped my branding, my packages, and my prices. I quit my part-time job and now have a totally sustainable business doing what I love (web design)!When I first came to Anna I had skills and a business, but I was lacking in confidence and didn’t have a clear business growth plan. Anna is a strategy machine as well as a nurturing hard-ass! This blend in EXACTLY what I needed to get over my fears, grow my business, and reach my income goals (THIS month is THE month!). On the fence about working with Anna? Get off it! You won’t regret this investment!”




“Working with Anna is always such a treat. I appreciate so much how tuned in she is to everything I’m saying – it’s like she can take all of my random thoughts and restructure them in a way that makes sense and is aligned with what I’m trying to build. She does all of this without judgement or expectation. With her help I was able to get clear on a new direction I’m hoping to take my business and I walked away with a clear plan for how to start making that happen. It’s just the kind of work I needed to get done to get unstuck and start moving forward again.”


Dr. Sabrina
J. Marcus



“Working with Anna for 3 months helped me to put a more tangible game plan into play for my healthcare clinic.  She helped me to express ideas and strategies in my business that had previously been stuck in the pre-development stage in my mind.  By seeing over the three months that I turned those ideas into realities, I started looking at all of my new projects in a brighter light than previously and am shaping my business into what I always hoped it would be!In addition, Anna has been a great sounding board for ideas and has a knack for re-
framing and re-packaging concepts in a way that feels fresh and vital to businesses.  She has helped also to hone in on the crucial points of a project so that the message is very clear to all what they are getting and why they would want it.  Thanks, Anna!”




“I had been doing private therapy for awhile, but had just quit my part-time job to pursue my full-time private practice when I hired Anna. I was struggling to figure out who my target market was and how to convey my message on my website. From our session I gained clarity regarding who my “consumers” were and what I could do to get them. Anna gave me the confidence to go for it and focus my efforts on attracting the clients I wanted. She also made me realize that being myself is my best marketing strategy! Anna was able to put my personality into marketable traits and helped me formalize my style and mojo.

I also appreciated Anna’s availability, support, and her clear instructions. Her energy and confidence are contagious. I would absolutely recommend Anna to someone else! She is VERY good at what she does. I would never have been able to get the clarity I have now without her support. She also made me feel confident and excited about my new business! (priceless, ya’ll!)“


Dr. Angela


Rose City Health

“In my first month of working with Anna, I have been able to bring about a major shift to my business and my approach to it.Instead of working on a million little unrelated tasks (feeling very much like a vaudeville act of keeping plates spinning), together we identified specific business goals and then focused my efforts towards developing a cohesive package of services, complete with directed marketing efforts in order to meet agreed-upon financial goals. No more me by my lonesome doing a little of this, a little of that, hoping for the best.

Anna has also been a terrific sounding board. I really appreciate and benefit from her input, everything from the big decisions to the little details. The core aspects of the business and work are mine, of course. But having someone knowledgeable guide me (and my business) from the process of scattered to focused has been a powerful experience.

Could I have gotten here myself? Well, I probably wouldn’t have stepped outside my comfort zone to bring on the new offerings and direction of my business alone. And I certainly wouldn’t have done all this in a month, guaranteed. Working with Anna has been great; I’ve recommended her to many business owner friends and colleagues of mine.”


Randee R.



“Anna knows the wellness industry which makes all the difference when getting professional coaching for wellness practitioners. Anna has a great formula to help you reach your goals while at the same time catering the session to the individual. She has great marketing ideas and will give you honest advice. I like her personable warm approach.I did the “Special Sauce” package with her and I was pleasantly surprised to gain clarity on what my greatest skills are as a practitioner. She assisted me in doing a bit of soul searching in which I discovered how my own personal experiences, struggles and triumphs made me unique in the services I offer (massage and skincare) .

Once I was able to redefine myself on a professional level, it made it much easier to see who my ideal target market is. Anna made concrete helpful suggestions of very simple changes that I could make to my menu, website and service offerings were helpful in helping me attract new clients. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference!”