Beta Lab FREE Training: Create and Test for Launch Success


Beta Lab FREE Training: Create and Test for Launch Success

You’ve got tons of ideas for incredible offers,
You’ve got big business dreams for where you’re headed,
And you’ve got the talent and skills to make it all come together.

So basically, you have exactly what it takes
for serious business success stardom.

And this NEW THING is going to be HUUUUGE.

You’ve already got the idea plotted out and drafted up (orrrrr at least it’s drafted up in your brain). You are drooling at the thought of putting it out there already.

Or maybe you’re shakin’ in your boots a little because it’s kinda scary! That’s OKAY.

The point is, pumpkin pants, you know what you want to create and sell, and now it’s time to plan for profits.
BUT here’s the problem… if you’re planning to launch your next big thing without testing it first… you’re only planning for one thing: failure.

A Beta Test is the ONE THING your business needs for you to stop doubting and start earning. I know this firsthand because it was a Beta Test that literally birthed my business from “will this work?”land to “profit”ville. (No joke.) Once I decided to put my money where my mouth was and test my first signature service, I was able to push forward and build my business for real. I quit my side job within 3 months of my first real beta test. Yeppers, it’s true!

This FREE training will help you get your ducks in a row so that you won’t get stuck up shit creek with no paddle when you actually DO start that new business or you actually DO launch that new service, course or program.

In this free training I will walk you through the basics of beta testing. If you LOVE it and want more details, you can sign up for the course. If you get EXACTLY what you need from this and feel “good to go”, then you can take your new beta and run with it!

In this FREE training we will cover:

  • Choosing your best possible idea so you use your time and energy wisely
  • The basics of goal setting
  • The importance of boundaries
  • The basics of creating an “offer” to market
  • Where to go to make free marketing images
  • How to use beta feedback to meet your pre-defined goals

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