Imagine: YOU, selling out your brand spankin’ new offer to
mo’ money, major praise, and many happy clients…
*confetti toss*


You’ve got tons of ideas for incredible offers,
You’ve got big business dreams for where you’re headed,
And you’ve got the talent and skills to make it all come together.

So basically, you have exactly what it takes
for serious business success stardom.

And this NEW THING is going to be HUUUUGE.
You’ve already got the idea plotted out and drafted up (orrrrr at least it’s drafted up in your brain). You are drooling at the thought of putting it out there already.

Or maybe you’re shakin’ in your boots a little because it’s kinda scary! That’s OKAY.

The point is, pumpkin pants, you know what you want to create and sell, and now it’s time to plan for profits.
BUT here’s the problem… if you’re planning to launch your next big thing without testing it first… you’re only planning for one thing: failure.

I hate to be harsh but… would Cadillac release new cars without safety testing?
NO. And you’re sexier than a Cadillac.
So why would you?
You’re a smartypants business owner, after all.
You’re no dud so you’ve gotta do what smartypants business owners do:

TEST YOUR STUFF. For success, of course.

Wondering what happens when you test just right?

Oh, just a little something like this —

  • You spend money where it really matters because you have the feedback you need to make smarter creative business decisions.
  • You stop wasting time on details or course modules that aren’t so useful or relevant to your client because now you know what works and doesn’t!
  • You get impossible-to-resist testimonials to use for promotions, social media shares, and that all important social proof that makes selling so-much-easier.
  • You create an experience for your client that you’re truly proud of, one that you feel good about promoting, and that your friends will be just as excited to share too!
  • You release your new offer with CRAZY CONFIDENCE and a super sweet sales page that has every detail you could possibly need to really target your one-of-a-kind ideal client. (Or a hundred of them, actually.)
  • You gain referrals from everyone who loooooved your test run and YOU so much that they are spreading the word faster than you can say “wildfire.”
  • You save tons of time and money on marketing because now you can throw it where it really matters and makes a difference on a finalized, tweaked and perfected product.

Because let’s be honest.
The first time? It’s always awkward.

So let’s get it out of the way already so that the next time can be THAT MUCH BETTER and more importantly: SUPER PROFITABLE.

You DO want your business to make money, right?



…the self paced, easy-to-follow ecourse that will help you create and test your services so they can stop being ideas in your head and become real life money makers instead.

Beta Lab will walk you through the exact steps I use when I test new ideas for offerings (or even businesses).

I created this course because after hearing so many of my clients wondering…

  • “Will this make me any money?”
  • “Is this service good enough?”
  • “What if no one buys this?”

…I had to stop and say:

Success is simple.
You just have to sell what works.
And the only way to know what works, is to test it.

Until we reach Oprah levels of success, we’ll just have to do it this way.

A Beta Test is the ONE THING your business needs for you to stop doubting and start earning. I know this firsthand because it was a Beta Test that literally birthed my business from “will this work?”land to “profit”ville. (No joke.) Once I decided to put my money where my mouth was and test my first signature service, I was able to push forward and build my business for real. I quit my side job within 3 months of my first real beta test.

Beta Test to Full Time Business in 3 months? Not a bad way to get things moving.

I created Beta Lab because I’m tired of watching so many talented entrepreneurs struggle to make their businesses work when all they need to do is to test their ideas before they dump hundreds or thousands of dollars into them.

It’s time to create and test for YOUR success!

Let me show you how it’s done.

“This product is really a one stop shop for learning how to actually beta test something for your small business. It fully covers and explains, through vivid real life examples, the process from start to finish. I also loved that she provides templates galore to help get you moving in the right direction. Thumbs up for creating an amazing course. Haven’t seen anything remotely similar to this offering.”

Cara brown

“Great practical advice on how to test your idea before you go all-in. Saves time, money and guesswork so you can focus on getting your offering right for both your clients and yourself.”

Callie Willows

And who am I?

I’m Anna Long, an intuitive business strategist with a track record of helping fledgling business owners turn a coveted profit corner. I’ve helped 100s of ambitious, creative, bold ladies (like YOU) take their business ideas and turn them into lucrative services and products.
My clients have gone from zero to $9000 in monthly income, and so can you if you just start.


What you get when you buy Beta Lab

  • Lifetime Access to the ENTIRE Beta Lab course in one, easy to manage place (a single PDF) so you can download it and keep it on hand. These steps are timeless and apply to everything you’ll test over the life of your business.
  • An Invitation to our Private Facebook Group so you can shmooze and mingle with other Beta Lab Ladies. Trust me, this support will be priceless.
  • Templates for everything you’ll need to draft up sales pages, feedback forms, and any other original content referenced in the course PDF so you are totally in the know each step of the way!
  • Exclusive Marketing Video Training to help you create images that will impress and persuade so once you complete the course and create your next big thing you’ll be ready to market the heck out of it!


You’ll learn how to…

Choose your best possible idea so you use your time and energy wisely.

After all, this might be your first business idea or a totally new income stream you’ve never considered. So if you have a ton of ideas swimming around in there, don’t worry I’ll give you my tips for picking the best idea for you right now AND how to talk about it so you convey the true value.

Set realistic goals because you’ll need baby steps to move this big dream forward.

Before you can take any steps forward, you’ll need to get super clear on what you want to get out of this Beta Test first. Otherwise, how will you know if it was successful?
We’ll break down the aspects you can actually measure into small steps and targets so you know just what to aim for. No airy fairy woo woo stuff here this is your Beta bottom line, lady!

Create boundaries so that you only offer what feels good to you.

Just because you’re offering something for free or at a reduced “beta” price, doesn’t mean you’re giving it all away for free. We’ll make sure you know just how much time, content and energy you want to devote to this test and keep that clear from the get go.

Market your offer in a way that makes even “free” sound like “worth a million bucks”.

Whether you’re totally new to this business thing or not, you’ll need to turn this “idea” into an easily deliverable package and communicate that to your test clients. I will walk you through each step of this process so you walk away with something that’s an easy “yes” for your people.

Actually run this beta and get paid!

Logistics are REAL. So we’ll get down to business here and create the checklist you need to
make sure you’re 100% clear on the hows and whys of each step.

Create marketing visuals that will make your clients go “oooohhhh! I want that!”

For this section, you’ll get the expertise of Web Graphic Genius {Desiree Jester}. Desiree specializes in making gorgeous, appealing images that convey the true value of your content and products. You’ll learn the visual skills you’ll need to market yourself and sell your services in a social mediasaturated world, for both beta and beyond.

Promote the “beta” version because practice makes perfect.

Even free things need promotion to “sell.” Why? Because expecting people to invest their time and energy into your program if they’re not clear on why it will benefit them just isn’t realistic! I’ll teach you how to market and book your new offering and in a way that’s effective and actually fun. Plus, you’ll be warmed up and ready for your next big launch.

Secure killer feedback that will make your next launch a breeze.

Part of what you’ll want from your beta clients is the social proof that your service has major value. Well, hello testimonials! I’ll help you ensure that the feedback you get will make selling your “official” version so much easier.


“I was on the fence about doing a beta-test of my upcoming offering until I completed this e-course. Beta-testing is more than a “trial run,” it’s a process of vetting your idea and gaining confidence that you will in fact be able to sell it! Not only did Anna give all the information one would need to start a beta-testing process, she also covers idea creation, building a landing page, pricing, and promoting your new offering. After completing this e-course, I’ve gone from fledgling idea to having a nailed down plan of action to get my offering launched!”

Katie Price

“I knew beta testing was going to be an important step, but it was just this vague, mysterious thing in my head. That why I’m so thankful for this course. It has already been a huge help in clarifying my offering and providing a step by step plan to test it. I now know exactly what to do, why to do it and when! And I’m delighted that I will have this material to access each time I plan to launch something new. Many thanks, Anna!”

Nicole Heymer

“This program was FANTASTIC! Jam-packed with questionnaires that help you dig into the why and how of beta testing, Anna’s program is a clever and much-needed resource that I’ll refer to again and again.”



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Any Questions?

How much time do I need for this?

All you need is 8 hours, broken up however you like. There is no predetermined timeline for you to complete this program. You can fit it into your schedule, when it works for you, and get all the same (and maybe even greater) benefits as someone who is doing it all in one sitting. As far as testing your offer goes, it will take as much time as you want and need to allot for it!

Can you really guarantee that I’ll be profitable?

Do pigs fly? Of course not. In order to profitable you’ve gotta do the work and face the
hard truths!

What I can guarantee is that you’ll make significant strides with your business like never before. Here’s why: if you haven’t been making a profit it’s not because you suck. It’s simply because you haven’t figured out the best service to offer just yet. Maybe you’ll test this idea and discover you need to head back to the drawing board! That might happen but that’s a HUGE step forward from busting your butt trying to sell something that no one even wants to spend money on, you know what I’m sayin’? You gotta be in it to win it, my dear!

What’s your refund policy?

Unfortunately, I do not offer refunds for this. Once you buy it, it’s all yours for LIFE. So
even if you decide it’s not something that you want to start using right away, you’ll
always be able to head back and start using the wisdom and expertise when you really
do need it.

I don’t exactly have a business yet… is Beta Lab still right for me?

YES! As long as you’re ready to get your hands dirty and start trying stuff out! While I highly recommend my other program {Idea to Empire} if you’re looking to create an entire business from scratch, the Beta Lab is perfect for you to start. You’ll have to test out your signature service A.S.A.P. either way because that’s just what your business is going to need to be successful! The Beta Lab will ensure you begin with a strong foundation to set your business up for future success. Remember: these are the exact steps I took when I was just starting out!


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